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Dr. Belinda George

Founder of "Tucked in Tuesdays"

Dr. Belinda George is a native of Chauvin, Louisiana.   After marrying the love of her life, Melvin George, she became a citizen of Beaumont, TX.  She is the fourth in a family of five girls.

Currently she is serving her last year as Principal of Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, TX.  She believes in her teachers, scholars, and parents.  She believes that building relationships is the best mode of communication.  Dr. George has been in education for 16 years serving as a substitute teacher, curriculum coordinator,  supervisor, assistant principal, and principal.  Belinda is also internationally known for reading to her scholars online via Facebook Live, which she has coined as “Tucked in Tuesdays”.

She has made appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, Good Morning America, Texas Country Reporter, local news stations, Strahan & Sara, ABC News Special: Pandemic: What You Need to Know, and Nightly News with Lester Holt. Her story has been shared in countless publications such as Essence Magazine, Faith and Heart Magazine, TEPSA Magazine, Washington Post, CNN.com, Good Morning America.com, and Texas Monthly to name a few. In addition, she has served in the United States Army prior to entering into education. To this date, her proudest accomplishment is her marriage, her campus, her family, and her ability to build quality relationships.

Dr. George Keynote and PD Topics
  • Changing Yourself to Change Your Culture and Climate
    Dr. Belinda George shares her stories of how she's learned to build relationships with students that have a long-lasting impact inside and outside of the classroom, and she shares about what it is to go "BEYOND" teaching.
  • Doing You When It's Not About You
    This session will help you to balance your work life with your personal life. As a educator we often lose ourselves in the professional sector. You'll learn strategies and tips to help you have fun, lead with compassion, and build a positive culture and climate.
  • How I Became the Me I Am Now
    Attendees will learn that a child's zip code does not determine their destination.
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Dwayne Read

Author and Educational Activist

Mr. Reed is an author, rapper, proud husband, father, and public school teacher in Chicago, IL. In 2016, he released his viral music video, “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” which garnered millions of views, and catapulted him into an educational spotlight. Reed believes relationships mean everything in education, and that every child, no matter their race or social status, deserves a fair chance at a quality education. His message to all is one of grace, love, and equity, and his aim is to rehumanize the learning experience for every scholar, everywhere. Mr. Reed is in love with his wife and junior-high sweetheart, Simone’, and lives happily on the Southside of Chicago.

Dwayne Reed Keynote and PD Topics
  • Being the Educator Your Scholars Need (50-60mins)
    This session will inspire your staff to be the educators their scholars have needed all along! Filled with tons of SEL (social-emotional learning) restorative justice practices, and trauma-informed talking points, Reed will help educators re-discover their WHY of teaching, and will emphasize the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with scholars, both in and outside of the classroom. Each participant will work through a detailed presentation guide, and will leave with dozens of practical, relationship-building strategies which can immediately be implemented in their classroom or school environment.
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Dwayne image

Nathan Maynard

Speaker & Restorative Practices Change-Agent

Nathan Maynard is an educator, youth advocate, and national and international restorative practices trainer. He is a co-author of the Washington Post bestseller Hacking School Discipline. Nathan also is the Co-Founder and CEO of Highfive - the first restorative behavior support software for schools. He was awarded “Youth Worker of the Year” through his work supporting underserved and underprivileged youth involved with the juvenile justice system.Nathan studied Behavioral Neuroscience at Purdue University and has facilitated restorative practices successful implementation for over ten years in a wide range of educational settings. He is passionate about ending the school-to-prison pipeline crisis and closing the opportunity gap through implementing trauma-informed behavioral practices.

Nathan Maynard Keynote and PD Topics
  • Creating a Restorative Culture
    Students, in many cases, have not been interacting with their peers, families, and teachers in the same ways as before the pandemic. The need for connection, belonging, and community has never been stronger. This session from the co-author of Hacking School Discipline - Nathan Maynard will focus on setting the stage for creating a learning environment around belonging and restorative practices. Participants will be given strategies for how to look at behavior as a form of communication and focusing on building empathy among students. Also, understanding how restorative practices supports students through the discipline processes.
  • Learning to be the "Kid Whisperer"
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Liz Toruno

Educational Coach

Liz Toruno currently serves as a Coordinator for Multi-tiered Systems of Support in one of the largest non-unified school districts in California. Liz  is an accomplished educator, keynote speaker and, transformative school climate coach. Liz has a passion for “creating better humans,” she has spent the last 24 years in public education.  Liz has served as a classroom teacher, behavioral management specialist, site administrator, consultant and district office administrator. Liz has successfully supported district wide implementations of Positive Behavior Supports/Multi Tiered System of Supports and Social Emotional Learning among the biggest school districts in California. She has successfully designed effective systems and practices for equity based programs and professional learning services across the United States. Liz is the founder and creator of “Bite Size Pieces of SEL” and “Reflective Parenting” an online virtual program for parents on restorative practices. She has trained and supported 150 behavioral intervention specialists on effective tier 2 supports. Liz currently holds a teaching credential, an administrative credential, a Bachelors in Behavioral Science, A Masters in Special Education and Masters of Arts in teaching. Liz recently completed her certification for the National Association of School Leadership through San Diego State University/NCEE. When she’s not eating tacos she’s traveling with her husband and 5 kids.

Liz Toruno Keynote and PD Topics
  • Specialized Trainings: SEL, Restorative Practices, Adult Wellness (self-care, compassion fatigue, stress & burnout), MTSS, Behavior Management, Tier 1 universal supports, Tier 2 behavioral supports, and Classroom Management.
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Liz Toruno

Gabriel Stahl

Social Service and Education

Gabriel has worked for over 30 years in the field of social service and education. He’s been a Pysch Tech, Youth Care Specialist for residential programs in San Leandro California, Indianapolis, and Lafayette Indiana. He has been a caseworker for Clinton County Department of Children’s Services, a Behavioral Specialist for the Greater Lafayette Area Special Services, and is currently an elementary school teacher for the West Lafayette Community School Corporation. He is licensed in elementary and special education, and is certified in Trauma Informed Care from the Post Institute.Gabriel brings a unique perspective from his vast background in social service and education.

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Gabriel Stahl

Dr. Lori Desautels

Educational Neuroscience Specialist

Dr. Desautels is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Butler University where she is teaching graduate courses in Applied Educational Neuroscience which is a Trauma Accommodating framework that addresses nervous system development and how trauma and adversity impact the brain and body. Dr. Desautels takes this framework into discipline protocols, where she prepares educators to meet students in co-regulatory practices. Dr. Desautels has authored four books, writes for Edutopia , and presents to educators, schools, districts,  and mental health organizations across the world.  Her two latest books are being read and studied  by educators globally. "Connections Over Compliance" and "Intentionally Neuroplasticity," rewire our perceptions of discipline helping adults to deeply understand behaviors, reaching beneath the behaviors and getting in front of negative while addressing the dysregulation of the nervous system.

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Lori Desautels

Dr. Laura Morton


Laura is a UK Chartered Psychologist, bringing clinical and research expertise to Highfive. She currently works in a National & Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in London, providing assessment, consultation and treatment to young people, families, carers, schools and systems. Previously she worked in the UK juvenile justice system, supporting the design and implementation of their conflict resolution model as well as providing a range of clinical, research, training and  supervision services.

Prior to qualifying as a psychologist Laura specialised in substance misuse, establishing the first innovation and research unit in UK drug and alcohol services. She also worked as a researcher at the National Foundation for Educational Research. As well as a Practitioner Psychologist, she is a trainee Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner with the SE Trauma Institute, and a student of the Education for Racial Equity, California.

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Laura Morton

Lindsay Roga


Lindsay Roga is a native of Chattanooga, TN and currently resides in Canton, GA with her husband of eighteen years, Mike and their two sons, Luke and Owen.

Over the past sixteen years, she has been a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, trained Mediator, Teacher of The Year, Autism Specialist, Emotional/Behavioral Disorder Specialist, Student Mental Health Specialist, Special Education Facilitator, Mindset Certified Trainer, and an endorsed, educational coach utilizing restorative practices.  During her school-based career, she served as department head at a Title I middle school and a mentor at both the middle school and high school levels for new educators.  She has taught Special Education P-12, English Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies at a variety of middle and high schools. She also served as Behavior Intervention Strategist for a metro-Atlanta school system serving 42,000 students and 6,000 employees across 40 schools and centers. In addition, Lindsay has led district-wide professional development focused on restorative practices, behavior, de-escalation, trauma, and child development.

Prior to her teaching and leadership experience in Georgia, she enjoyed playing college softball, traveling, and watching sports.  

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Lindsay Roga

Valerie Nesmith-Arechiga

Director of Partnerships and Lead Consultant

Valerie Nesmith- Arechiga has over a decade of educational experience as a classroom teacher, instructional teacher advisor, and administrator in Elementary and Secondary schools. Valerie currently serves as the Director of Partnerships and Lead Consultant for High Five. During her time as an instructional leader, she led countless professional development workshops; facilitated presentations in technology, curriculum, instruction and has presented at the multiple state wide conferences; served on a number of committees; participated in Assistant Principal and Principal Leadership Groups; and mentored teachers and fellow assistant principals. Valerie is also a Doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership at TAMUCC. Valerie's educational philosophy embraces using relationships and SEL practices to help students and staff thrive and achieve goals in addition to cultivating a positive and collaborative environment to create a professional learning community that creates collective efficacy to increase student achievement.

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Valerie Nesmi

Dr. Melissa Groff

Leadership Coaching and Mentorship

Dr. Melissa Groff is a highly experienced education professional with a background as a teacher, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Dr. Groff brings a passion for creating proactive school cultures through the implementation of restorative practices. Melissa specializes in leadership coaching and mentorship, sustainable school-wide systems, and school culture. Dr. Groff’s efforts and background showcase her strong commitment to mental health support for both students and staff, emphasizing the crucial role of a safe and supportive environment that creates a sense of community and belonging throughout your organization. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Dr. Groff has honed her skills in conducting comprehensive needs assessments, crafting effective strategic plans, and delivering the necessary support to facilitate the development of a proactive culture within the school community. With a strong commitment to education and a passion for supporting school communities, Melissa is poised to bring her wealth of experience and expertise to your organization.

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Melissa Groff

Dr. Luke Roberts

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Luke first started as an Assistant Researcher in the early 2000s, interviewing over 200 children and young people on their experience of restorative practice, he then went to become a restorative practitioner working children at risk of suspension, involved in gang violence and weapon carryingLondon. This work included multi-agency partnerships with Youth Workers, Police and SocialServices as well as parents. His passion for restorative practice has helped in addressing issues of bullying, cyberbullying and older peer coercion. His work was noticed by the Metropolitan Police and he was asked to help Police Officer become more empathetic to young people.In the 2010s he then went on to chair the first Young People conference in City Hall exploring the risks of cyberbullying and online harm which was lead by young people. This work then became anAll-Party Parliamentary Group, with young peoples voice at the centre to influence politicians.He was asked to address youth violence in the prison service and work with the top four prison of concern in 2015 through restorative practice. This work left a lasting impression on him and he developed a range in innovative models to support young people in custody and on release. In 2020he was asked to map the journey of children with care experience, and hearing the voices of these young people is determined to make a change in this system.Dr Luke joined High Five in 2022 where he brings his passion of championing young peoples voices and experiences with the power to change system. As Chief Innovation Officer, finding engaging and exciting ways for equipping children and young people with conflict resolution skills is essential to the future developments at High Five.

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Luke Roberts
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